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PET/СT Scan PET-CT is an effective and modern method of diagnosing of cancer. It combines positron emission (PET) and computed tomography (CT).

Positron emission and computed tomography features:

  • detect tumors in the early stages of their growth;
  • establish how far the tumor has spread;
  • determine whether the cancer cells are killed.

This information is critical important for clarification of the diagnosis and malignancy, planning the operation, radiation or chemotherapy, monitoring the effectiveness of treatment.

For diagnosis with high precision, safety and comfort, we have assembled a team of the best specialists in the various fields of oncology, nuclear medicine, medical physics, chemistry and pharmacology.

After completion of positron emission and computed tomograph the patient receives the protocol with the consulting summary and CD with all scanning data. The study protocol and images have universal format of saving. It allows specialists from any other medical centers to use the data for planning and evaluating the effectiveness of treatment.

The cost of examinations: starts from 44 000 rubles.

Center address:

3, Ivankovskoe Shosse, Moscow

58, Richard Zorge str., building 2, Ufa

4, Ippodromny side str., Orel

4, Druzhby str., Kursk

1, Admiral Makarov str., Lipetsk

29, Moskovskaya str., Tambov


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CyberKnife treatment
CyberKnife treatment The CyberKnife is a non-invasive and painless alternative to surgery for the treatment of many tumors.

Nuclear Medicine Center "PET Technology" has the most modern equipment, highly qualified specialists allow you to pass an effective and painless CyberKnife treatment. We provide European level of therapy and service for a good price.

The treatment procedure includes up to five sessions of stereotactic irradiation. One session lasts from 20 min to one hour and a half. Preparation usually takes several days. Cyber Knife is superior to standard radiation therapy by its efficiency.

Following diseases are possible to treat in the center at present time:

  • brain metastases;
  • lung metastases from any source (single);
  • bones metastases of the axial skeleton and/or pelvis;
  • brain and spinal cord meningioma;
  • pituitary adenoma;
  • brain and spinal cord neuroma;
  • paraganglioma (glomus tumors);
  • trigeminal neuralgia;
  • brain glioma (recurrent or residual tumor after combined treatment);
  • prostate cancer;
  • liver cancer;
  • liver metastases;
  • pancreas cancer;
  • peripheral non-small cell lung cancer;;
  • schwannoma;
  • arterio-venous malformations;
  • cavernous angioma;
  • craniopharyngioma (residual tumor after surgery).

Our experienced oncologists help to determine if CyberKnife treatment can be used.Initial consulting is free of charge.

Cost of treatment: from 210 000 rubles.

We also provide our guests with hospitality service including meeting at the airport or train station, hotel booking and accommodation, transfer.

Postal address of the center: 58 Richard Zorge str., building 2, Ufa, 450054


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MD, PhD  Moscow



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